Empire Vale (Home Base)

Very good feeling to back on the NSW Far North Coast in December. As I commented to the amusement of friends that the high humidity and holiday atmosphere at this time of year ‘sings’. The drive down off the range through Dorrigo to Grafton was hard work in the bus with about 30km of low […]

Wollomoombi Campground

Moombi Range Lookout

Lucky last, Camp 80, Wollomoombi Campground in the Wild Rivers NP east of Armidale. Tomorrow it is back to Base Camp. I decided to come this way off the range to try out the newly completed Freeway from Grafton to Ballina. Getting onto the Waterfall Way today I saw another side of Armidale I had […]


Storm clouds near Parkes

The Newel Highways blues were lightened by a moisture laden sky from the east coast. I felt good about being where I am at this time of year. It could be a home thing or a Christmas thing or both but I like being in Northern NSW in December/January. Finally after the 18th pass, I […]

Rankin Springs

Irrigation Dam

The Hay Plains, hot, dry, flat and almost featureless. I pulled up at that irrigation dam for a photo, I’ve driven past so many times and always wondered what it looked like behind the dam walls. On the way I caught up with the east coast cloud band, who knows when I will see my […]


Murrumbidgee River

As they say in the movies “Here we are in NSW, catching fish as big as whales”. The was no drama crossing the state borders, lots of checking going on for people entering SA (I don’t know why) but in my direction nothing entering Victoria or NSW. Back with another old friend, the Murrumbidgee River. […]

Plushes Bend

Next stop another old haunt Plushs Bend, a very good free camp on the river provided by Paringa Council. My old friend Richard dropped by for a social, it was good to catch up. My Sunday at Plushs Bend was even more social. My old orchard friend Nev dropped in, he then rung my other […]


Paringa Park

Back to Renmark/Paringa where I have spent (in total) two or threes years working on the stonefruit orchards. My first stop was Paringa on the east side of the river at the little Caravan Park I used to stay at. Gallery


Gwyder HW Wheat Fields

Great to be back on the river Murray again, there is something very reliable and settling about it. I can’t remember if I’ve been to Morgon before but the caravan park here is excellent with grassy unpowered sites right on the river bank. A bonus is the ferry that operates from here and is another […]

Mambray Creek

Whyalla Steelworks

Moving right along I’m now on the eastern side of the Spencer Gulf camped at a nice highway stop next to the rail line. A bit of highway noise but you get that on the highway. I’m still near the Spencer Gulf but I won’t see much of it before I head east toward Renmark. […]

Cowell RV Park

Cowell Jetty

Cowell is a little town half between Port Lincoln and Port Augusta. I suppose it is a service town for the wheat farmers and being on the Spencer Gulf coast tourism would be important. The skies are still grey and the wind still blows but the forecast is for improving (warming) days ahead. Since my […]