Cowell RV Park

Cowell is a little town half between Port Lincoln and Port Augusta. I suppose it is a service town for the wheat farmers and being on the Spencer Gulf coast tourism would be important.

The skies are still grey and the wind still blows but the forecast is for improving (warming) days ahead. Since my focus is now on getting back to base camp, I will be moving along fairly quickly from now. I spent the cold wintry morning in Port Lincoln getting the latest batch of Postcards printed.

I briefly contemplated getting on the Spencer Gulf Ferry for a day return trip to the York Peninsula but the timetable was not in my favour. I rung base camp (Empire Vale) and secured my usual camp spot. I indicated that I would require the camp for two or three months from January.

My thoughts re the (early) return to base camp is too reset the clock for the new year 2021 and start to get a post-retirement-age routine happening.