Streaky Bay

Many of these Eyre Peninsula locations are strikingly similiar, I suppose the same as many East Coast locations are similiar. Quiet little towns set amid cereal grain cropping land, a jetty, grain silos, crystal clear water, clean white sand, no ocean swell and shallow sandy tidal zone giving way to the seaweed covered deeper water.

It is difficult for me to get orientated here. It is a north facing bay so when you look out to the water you are looking toward the mainland and when you look back onto land you looking toward the Southern Ocean. To make things worse you are travelling west to east but enter the town from east to west.

I am keeping an eye on the SA Covid cluster developments. One possibility is to make a run for NSW so that I become quarantined from SA and can still get to Tasmania on Dec 13th.

Covid Update 1: The SA government has announced a state-wide total lockdown for 6 days beginning 12 midnight today 18th December. I will be staying here at The Streaky Bay Caravan Park during this time.

Covid Update 2: ‘Disgraceful conduct’: SA eases restrictions after close contact lie. Lockdown ends Saturday.

I decided to stay on for the full five days booked at Streaky Bay Caravan Park. I am using most of the time to transfer this blog from to the new subdomain