Baird Bay

So far I have been under-whelmed by Baird Bay. If you believe the reviews it is some sort of paradise. Just a shallow bay, a small holiday village and a very ordinary camp spot. Bur there is hope, I see toward the bay, breaking waves, Does this mean there are ocean swells and a real ocean beach maybe with rock ledges? I will investigate later.

I went for a walk to the Baird Bay entrance (8km return) and enjoyed seeing the open ocean again and its exposed beaches. I have had enough of bays and shelted beaches for now. There was a sea lion there resting in the water behind a rock ledge.

Covid Update: At the time of writing there has been no talk by the Tasmanian government of setting a date to change SA’s covid risk status from medium to low. While the status remain at medium I have no intention of trying to get into Tasmania. Meanwhile the ferry operators say they will not charge ticket cancellation fees if a ticket-holder can not board due to Covid border restrictions. I intend to proceed as planned up until a day or two before boarding. If SA’s risk status remained unchanged I will cancel and make new plans.